The Best Companion to World Cup Brazil 2014

The World Cup 2014 is here. Four years and a long qualification round is now over. Brazil is here! How do you keep up to date with all 64 games? Where do you go for all the details of the teams and current statistics?

365Scores unleashes its World Cup Edition, primed for the great tournament in Brazil. Of course, 365Scores delivers the fastest notifications to your phone, keeping you updated on all the match events of the World Cup. But 365Scores is more than that, it is your World Cup companion, starting with the full schedule of all 64 matches. An interactive standings section shows all the groups as they are updated, so you can see how will qualify and who is heading home early. Track the progress of your team and see the road to the final in the standings section. Our Friendlies section allows to keep track of the preparation of your team and others before the tournament.

Our Squad section has all the 23 man squads and their coaches, with full player details including their career statistics and each player’s tournament statistics so you can track their World Cup performance. Goals, appearances, time played, yellow and red cards are all available for each player. Make sure you have all the stats when discussing important World Cup matters with your friends. Our statistics section provides the top scorers of the tournament, as well as who has the most yellow and red cards.

Another new feature for 365Scores is graphical lineups! As well as the starting lineup, you now get to see the formation of all the World Cup teams as well. The lineups are updated throughout the match so you can see key match events, like who scored a goal and who was substituted.

Make sure you check out the stadium section, with all the details and locations of the World Cup stadiums right at your fingertips. Each stadium has its own page, with all the games being played at that particular stadium available.

With Brazil 2014 four days away, 365Scores keeps you close to the World Cup fever. Download Now! Available on iPhone & Android