New Version of 365Scores for Android!

The 2014 World Cup group stage is almost over.  Luckily we just released our newest version of 365Scores app, and it’s just in time for the knockout stage.  What have you been using to follow the World Cup? Well now follow the World Cup in a fun and interactive way with our cool new features:

  • Virtual stadium is our new interactive comments feature.  Choose which team you support and enter the stadium of each match to join the discussion.  Chat with fans from around the world as well as your friends!
  • Visual lineups was requested by many of our users and is finally here! You can see the entire starting lineup included with pictures of each player and the team’s specific formation.  It also tells statistics for each team and player.
  • We also added a gallery that fans and players at the matches can post pictures too, this way you get the personal feel of actually being at the game!

With the intense knockout stage approaching, you don’t want to miss a game!  Download the new 365Scores app and stay up to date with everything going on in the 2014 World Cup!