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365Scores Introduces a New Way to Enjoy Sports in Real Time

Our latest feature, “Live Match Tracker”, offers an entirely new and different fan experience as users will be able to follow along with their favorite teams and sports closer than ever before.

We’re also thrilled to announce the milestone of reaching 10 million Android downloads worldwide! Currently, 365Scores alerts sports fans to the most important moments of their favorite teams and players

While 365scores has always been the spot to check standings, scores, stats, and the like, now users can track their teams in real time as the games happen.

Some highlights of the “Live Match Tracker” include:

  • Graphically enhanced live visualisation in real time

  • Sports covered include football, basketball, tennis, hockey, rugby, Am. football, baseball, cricket, handball, and volleyball

  • Match stats in real time

  • Updated scores from across the globe

The “Live Match Tracker” is as close to watching live sports as it gets. Be sure to update/download the 365scores app and start experiencing football like never before!

365Scores is a leading mobile sports application that aggregates sports content from across the globe and delivers it in 22 different languages to sports fans around the world.

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With upgrades, 365Scores presents a more engaging fan experience

Present day, fans rely on their mobile devices to follow their favourite teams and their biggest games.  However, many sports applications have struggled to showcase the many specific aspects of each game.  Luckily, 365Scores has stepped up to provide rich visuals and a revamped layout to effectively display all vital game details to its users.  This upgraded Game Center is closest thing to having the game broadcast live on your smart phone or tablet.

Some of the Key New Features:

  • Are some of your favourite football players hidden on the bench? No problem. The app now displays the benches of each team so you can monitor when he steps onto the pitch.  And when he does, updated graphics show you who he was subbed in for more clearly.
  • You can alternate between your view of each team more seamlessly than ever before.
  • The significant impact referees can have on a football game will no longer be neglected as the referee of each football game will now be listed.
  • The supply of in-game news and videos is more extensive than ever before.
  • The new head-to-head statistics page allows you to easily compare the performances of the two teams playing
  • Descriptive play-by-play commentary allows you to follow the developments of each football game in the moment.
  • Detailed footballer profiles provide each player’s relevant statistics & physical characteristics
  • Very soon, standings will update live.  Know where your favourite team stands as soon as the final whistle is blown.

With the Copa America upon us, the time is now to follow your favourite teams and players like they were meant to be followed.  Download 365Scores today!



New partnership with Conduit and 365Scores

365Scores has recently partnered with Conduit, and is privileged to be a part of the new U CrossOver browser. Conduit is a company that pioneers the bridging of people and technology, finding new ways to deepen the levels of interaction between the desktop and mobile environments.

With this comes the launch of U, a browser powered by Google Chrome, simplifying the ways in which individuals can cross over between the web, apps and phone. This is a useful prospect, as mobile users find themselves more split between different devices.

365Scores is now available on U, allowing users to continue their great app experience into the web browser. Our users are now able to continue to perform other activities but still make sure they are tracking the latest scores, using an elegant and easy to use interface.

365Scores will have the current match you have selected in the browser, which can be used without the need for a new tab or to switch tabs, providing a true companion to your web experience.

365Scores is excited about our presence in the U browser and look forward to the future partnership with Conduit.

Get the 365Scores U experience here:



World Cup: A Numbers Game?

With less than 100 days away (and counting), the excitement of the World Cup is starting to come to fruition.  Questions arise in the minds of the millions of Football fans worldwide who anxiously await for the games to begin. How will Spain’s Tiki Taka style of play (led by Barca midfielders Xavi and Iniesta) fair against organized and athletic sides like Germany and England? Or will the Seleção and young Barcelona star Neymar bring the Cup back to Brazil for the first time since 2002.

It is difficult to say who will end up taking home the grandest prize in World Football, but odds makers have coined the Brazilians as favourites with 3 to 1 odds for winning it all. This would be the first time in nearly 16 years that a host country would be crowned champions of the World Cup. The last to do so was an immensely talented French side in 1998, led by central midfielder, Zinedine Zidane. In addition, Las Vegas has given Argentina and 4 time Ballon D’Or winner Lionel Messi 9/2 odds, making them second favourites at obtaining the Cup.

The odds do not favour The United States though, who have much to prove with odds makers giving them a measly 100/1 chance in winning the World Cup. So what can we as fans take away from all of this? Should we just hand the trophy to Brazil, Spain, or Argentina? No. This is the one event in all of sports where the world holds its breath and consistently witnesses the David’s take down the Goliath’s. We have seen countries like South Korea take down Spain and Italy in the 2002 World Cup. In addition, we saw Australia beat Serbia (who were contenders to win it all), as well as Slovakia take down Italy (who also were favoured to make a strong run in the tournament). So in the end, we truly cannot say which country will end up hoisting the 2014 World Cup, but what we do know, is that come Thursday, June 12, the world will be watching.

Download  365Scores, where you can get PERSONALIZED World Cup scores, aggregated news, alerts and videos in real time!


365Scores proudly presents Cricket as the newest sport

Howzat!!! 365Scores proudly presents Cricket as the newest sport to our ever-growing list on 365Scores!

We are bringing cricket fans a unique and premium experience straight to their mobile. Our application will give our users up-to-date results and scores, live notifications and all the latest news from around the globe for all International Test, One Day and Twenty20 Cricket tournaments and Major Domestic tournaments.

From the World Cup in England in 2015, the Indian Premier League to the Test Matches in Australia we’ll make sure you don’t miss a game. We will deliver live scores from New Zealand, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, England, The West Indies and more.

When your team is in action, check in to the match to discuss the game with friends and with cricket fans worldwide. Never miss a batting milestone or a wicket with push notifications as soon as the action unfolds.

Download the 365Scores application and share it among your friends to get the best sporting experience.


365Scores joins Instagram

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Instagram account. Now you can view your favorite sports photos and videos all in one place.

Our page includes posts of the weeks biggest games, game recaps, quotes, table updates, fan pics, and more!

See photos of your favorite players and teams and even tag yourself watching your favorite games from all around the globe.

Just got a notification about that awesome goal? Let the world know where you were! Watching the game at the stadium? Take a picture and share it with us!

Check it out!

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more posts from 365Scores!