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With upgrades, 365Scores presents a more engaging fan experience

Present day, fans rely on their mobile devices to follow their favourite teams and their biggest games.  However, many sports applications have struggled to showcase the many specific aspects of each game.  Luckily, 365Scores has stepped up to provide rich visuals and a revamped layout to effectively display all vital game details to its users.  This upgraded Game Center is closest thing to having the game broadcast live on your smart phone or tablet.

Some of the Key New Features:

  • Are some of your favourite football players hidden on the bench? No problem. The app now displays the benches of each team so you can monitor when he steps onto the pitch.  And when he does, updated graphics show you who he was subbed in for more clearly.
  • You can alternate between your view of each team more seamlessly than ever before.
  • The significant impact referees can have on a football game will no longer be neglected as the referee of each football game will now be listed.
  • The supply of in-game news and videos is more extensive than ever before.
  • The new head-to-head statistics page allows you to easily compare the performances of the two teams playing
  • Descriptive play-by-play commentary allows you to follow the developments of each football game in the moment.
  • Detailed footballer profiles provide each player’s relevant statistics & physical characteristics
  • Very soon, standings will update live.  Know where your favourite team stands as soon as the final whistle is blown.

With the Copa America upon us, the time is now to follow your favourite teams and players like they were meant to be followed.  Download 365Scores today!



365Scores launches Android Wear notifications

To stay current with the latest trends & technology, we’ve developed notifications specifically formatted for Android Wear.  This means you can now access your favorite sports application through the convenience of your Google wearable.  Get the latest transfer news, score updates, and more faster than any of your friends.  The arrival of wearable tech is the beginning of a new era in sports media.  We’re proud to embrace it with you!


365Scores launches an all-new design for the app

We heard you loud and clear.  After incorporating your feedback, we’re proud to roll out a new and improved version of the 365Scores app.  The latest update offers an array of features that provide a more user-friendly experience.  The degree of customization of your sports feed now extends to a new design allows for easier, more flexible team/league tracking & better organized sport sections.  Plus, now you can filter your Selections by team, leagues or both!

Lastly, to stay current with popular new wearable tech, notifications formatted specifically for those using Android Wear are coming very soon.

Without you, our users, we are nothing.  We hope these upgrades demonstrate our relentless dedication to providing you the best sports media experience in the industry. We’ll continue to relish any suggestions you can give us to enhance the app even more.

You can update your version on this link.

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Hello world!

Yes, we know. We got a Blog a little bit late (we actually launched 365Scores a few years ago). But here we are! And we want to share this awesome app with you.

Ever wanted to have all your sports news in one place? That’s all we ever wanted too! Our goal is that you won’t have to miss another update or breaking news story about your favorite team or league ever again!

Our application covers a wide variety of sports including football, american football, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, and rugby. In addition 365Scores covers the Premier leagues, and the Olympic Games. Yes, we have everything!

Once you download the app, just choose your favorite teams and leagues and get up to the minute updates and notifications for game starts, score changes, breaking news and big game moments.

Get updated team schedules as well as videos pertaining to your teams and leagues of choice. Experience a brand new way to receive all of your sports content that is both informative and exciting.

You can find 365Scores on iPhone, Android, as a Chrome extension, a Firefox add on, and on a website (that will be released soon).

Download the Chrome extension here:

The Firefox add on can be downloaded here: