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New partnership with Conduit and 365Scores

365Scores has recently partnered with Conduit, and is privileged to be a part of the new U CrossOver browser. Conduit is a company that pioneers the bridging of people and technology, finding new ways to deepen the levels of interaction between the desktop and mobile environments.

With this comes the launch of U, a browser powered by Google Chrome, simplifying the ways in which individuals can cross over between the web, apps and phone. This is a useful prospect, as mobile users find themselves more split between different devices.

365Scores is now available on U, allowing users to continue their great app experience into the web browser. Our users are now able to continue to perform other activities but still make sure they are tracking the latest scores, using an elegant and easy to use interface.

365Scores will have the current match you have selected in the browser, which can be used without the need for a new tab or to switch tabs, providing a true companion to your web experience.

365Scores is excited about our presence in the U browser and look forward to the future partnership with Conduit.

Get the 365Scores U experience here: